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Vit - Svart - Röd, White-Black-Red 2013


Handbuilt and thrown porcelaine/earthenware, D 24 x H 60 - 30 cm. Photo: Gert Germeraad





My creative process has for many years led me to get my shapes thinner and thinner. I have taken one step at a time to achieve it, and now they have started to become really thin, like a veil between me and something else on the other side. Now the cylinder walls are so thin that you can see light through the white porcelain. At first my white cylinders were conceived because I wanted to include a sense of fragility and vulnerability, together with instilling strength and calmness. This two sided feeling is difficult to describe, but I have always had an internal feeling which I have tried to show in the concept and expression of these cylinders.

To get the brittle, thin, organic surface I build up the cylinders in sections, about 5-7 cm each time. Then I throw each section with one hand on a hand spunnen wheel. I make one or maybe two sections a day. A cylinder about 50 cm high takes about two weeks to make.