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Still Life 2014


Handbuilt red stoneware - white/blue glazed, 3 cylinders together.

W 31 x H 18 cm, W 27 x H 19 cm, W 22 x H 14 cm.

Photo: Peter Carlsson. Private Collection.




Cylinders - Still Life

The shape of the cylinder is a form that has always existed, has always been there. You recognize it everywhere in a way that it is natural. I really like the Cylinder as a form for it´s simplicity and common basic shape. I place my cylinders together in to each other or I leave one work alone by it self.

The different sizes in height and volume makes something happening to them, they become something more or something else then just cylinders, like a sculpture or “Still Lifes”. A place where I can feel the experience of the silence, presence and simplicity in my forms.


To get the brittle, thin, organic surface I build up the cylinders in sections, about 5-7 cm each time. Then I throw and hand model each section with one hand on the spinning wheel /kavalett.  I make one or maybe two sections a day. The bottom is placed in a plaster mould thus giving the cylinder a convex bottom,
then the cylinder finds it giving the form a slight lift from below, therefore sometimes  they are partially tilted. They are all manufactured and hand built in earthenware/stoneware/porcelain with ”paperclay “ and fired to 1200 - 1260c. degrees.


I have made a short movie to show how I do this. Please have a look here>