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Translucent 2015


Handbuilt southern ice porcelaine - glaced with a White Chun and Zirkonglaze.

D 23 x H 8 cm. Photo: Peter Carlsson




Cylinders - Translucent
The shape of the cylinder is a form that has always existed, has always been there. You recognize it everywhere in a way that it is natural.

I really like the Cylinder as a form for it´s simplicity and common basic shape.

"Translucent" are smaller forms inbetween D15 - 25 cm x H 7-9 cm, they are thinner and more brittle then my previous works.

The light that comes through the thin porcelaine walls has become very important for the final result.

It tells me something about the vulnerable and fragile feeling I want to express.



To get the brittle, thin, organic surface I build up the cylinders in sections, about 5-7 cm each time. Then I throw and hand model each section with one

hand on the spinning wheel/kavalett at least 5-6 times = days to get the wall as thin as I want it. On "Translucent" I do 2 sections.


The bottom is placed in a plaster mould thus giving the cylinder a convex bottom, then the cylinder finds it giving the form a slight lift from below, therefore sometimes they are partially tilted. They are all manufactured

and hand built in southern ice porcelaine with ”paperclay “ and fired to 1250 - 1270C. degrees.

It takes me about 1-1 1/2 week to make each piece of "Translucent".


I have made a short movie to show how I do this. Please have a look here>