About me

I am a ceramic artist who primarily works with unique objects in clay.

My inspiration comes forth during the creative process, where impulses and ideas develop gradually
when I work with the object.

My objects are hand built. To build by hand takes a long time and it can often be monotonous, but at
the same time I can experience it as a daily meditation. During the time it takes for my work to
develop I start to see the potential in it.

The potential often appears as a feeling, the intuitive feeling when I know whether I am on the track
or not. Here my curiosity and inspiration awakens because I find something in the form that I want to make clear.

It has a story to tell.

My way of using clay means that I often work with series of the same basic shape, but it always
takes various forms. The result will be unique objects for exhibitions, public spaces and private homes.

You can follow the development of the process in my works at my blog.

I am also a certified Rosen therapist and accept clients for treatment.  The method has many
similarities to my way of working in clay, how we approach the unknown and find the needed information.



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